Sunset Acklin Hill 
The Magical Mimbres Valley
Sanctuary to mankind for over 11,000 years  

Aerial Tour
Dave  Rockwell
Rock Proctologist
Dave Rockwell, former iron worker & mule jockey, claims to be the only rock protologist in the Mimbres Valley.  In the above photograph, Dave is examining a patient at the City of Rocks State Park.
"If your rock is sick and you want it well call Dave Rockwell! "
A very intriguing individual Dave has a hearty laugh, a wonderful sense of humor and a variety of interests.  His favorite expression is: 
"So little to do.  So much time to do it in!"
Dave is currently translating prehistoric petroglyphs in the area and has proven that these petroglyphs were used by early Native Americans to provide information about the location of water, food, rest areas for ancient travelers passing through the area. 
Dave & Talking Stick "Talking Stick"
Dave creates custom Yucca talking sticks inscribed with Petroglyphic symbols that can be used by the hiker as a dictionary to interpret Petroglyphs encountered on the hike. 
China Draw Petroglyphs near Deming, New Mexico
This petroglyph is about a man who went fishing and caught 38 fish.
Dave conducts tours limited to 1 - 4 people and can be reached at 575 536-3933.