Sunset Acklin Hill   
The Magical Mimbres Valley
Sanctuary to mankind for over 11,000 years  

Taylor Mountain & Cooke's Peak
Mimbres Valley - Faywood
The lower Mimbres valley is considered the City of Rocks/Faywood area. 

The southern end begins with the junction of U.S. Highway 180 East and New Mexico Highway 61 North.  Highway 61 North is 25 miles in length terminating at the junction of U.S. Highway 152 mile marker 15 in San Lorenzo.  The Mimbres River (Rio Mimbres) is adjacent to the highway its entire length.
The City of Rocks area is Highway 61 Mile Marker 0 - 8
Faywood Hot Springs Pronghorn Antelope New Mexico City of Rocks State Park
The Tall Ones Summer Rain Storm Trujillo Cemetery
The Faywood area is Highway 61 Mile Marker 8 - 19
Blue Mountain Ranch The Thistle Dew Ranch El Rancho Nan
Johnny Valencia - Vacquero Moving Cattle on the Tom Brown Cooper Miller - Cowboy 2010 Eby Roundup
San Jose Catholic Church Lower Mimbres VFD - Faywood Station Curly, Larry, Moe
Eby Cattle Company Roadrunner The Rio Mimbres