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The Magical Mimbres Valley
Sanctuary to mankind for over 11,000 years  

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Mimbres Valley EMS
Mimbres Valley EMS is a transport service for Gila Regional Medical Center serving the Mimbres Valley, Lake Roberts and the Gila Cliff Dwellings.  Providing emergency medical service to people in Grant, Luna and Catron county.

Not affialiated with the local fire departments, Mimbres Valley EMS has its own building and a small medical helicopter Predetermined Landing Zone.  The building is 23 miles from the Emergency Department at Gila Regional Medical Center and is unmanned.  When a medical pageout occurs the EMS volunteers respond from wherever they are in the valley. 

A popular recreational area, EMS personnel have ridden on horses, or hiked into the Gila Wilderness to attend to people who have broken limbs, been bitten by a rattlesnake, hypothermia, hyperthermia etc.  EMS personnel work closely with the local volunteer fire departments who provide personnel for vehicle extrication, rope and/or swift water rescue and other services.   Volunteers working together to assist the communites in the area.