Sunset Acklin Hill 
The Magical Mimbres Valley
Sanctuary to mankind for over 11,000 years  

Aerial Tour
Margaret Streams

Second Nature Artworks
HC68 157P Highway 35 #580
Silver City, New Mexico 88061
(575) 536-9629

I was raised in a home rich in natures wonders. My father was interested in ornithology and woodcarving and my mother was excited about the soil and what it would grow. All of this rubbed off on me... I have been inspired by the natural world and all that is in it.

Past accomplishments include being a consistent winner at the Global Carving Challenge of Aquatic Life, the World Woodcarving Championships and various wildlife shows throughout the east coast. Having a book published on carving exotic fish sparked my interest in teaching others and I believe only an open mind is required!

My family and I moved from Pennsylvania to the Mimbres Valley of New Mexico in 2012. I am thrilled to be a part of the art scene of the Mimbres Valley.  The Gila and its ancient people have inspired a new form  of art for me, gourd art!  I look forward to learning all the secrets the National Forest and the Wilderness Area has to offer.