Sunset Acklin Hill   
The Magical Mimbres Valley
Sanctuary to mankind for over 11,000 years  

Che Che
In 1848 as part of the Mexican War, General Stephen W. Kearny was in charge of a military expedition that left Santa Fe traveling south along the Rio Grande heading for California.  The expedition was guided by Kit Carson and the second in command was William H. Emory who specialized in mapping the United States border with Mexico.  There were three diaries of the expedition.

The expedition crossed over in the Lake Valley area, traveling up Barinda Creek and then Macho Creek where they crossed over a saddle and dropped down into Gavilon Canyon.  Kit Carson sighted on a dome shaped peak (Che-che) which was reported to be in sight all the way down to the Mimbres River.  The mountain was recorded in the diaries and was a critical landmark.

The route down Gavilon Canyon was an old Indian trail.  The expedition was hauling two artillery pieces.  They camped on the river and the next day moved north to Tom Brown Canyon, which they followed on toward approximately Silver City.  From there they went north to the Gila River which they followed to California.

The locals state that this same mountain was used as a landmark by wetbacks who followed up the Mimbres River.  When they reached the mountain they knew the location of a safe house in the area where they could get food and shelter.  The mountain is also known as Wetta's Tit, named after the wife of the owner of the safe house.

(Che-che, in Spanish, means tit, boob, breast, etc)
Traveling north on Highway 61 at mile post 13 the El Rancho Nan gate will be on the right . Continuing north on Highway 61 look to the West (left) and Che-che can be seen from various locations for the next mile.  It is not adjacent to Highway 61.